Dog Bathing

Self Wash Bathing

Dog Size Price
Itty Bitty or a Kitty (up to 10”)$10
Small (11”-15”)$12
Medium (16”-20”)$15
Large (21”-30”)$18
Extra Large ( 31”+)$21

Full Service Baths

If you would prefer to skip the mess altogether, schedule your dog for a grooming appointment and we will wash them for you. All bathes include 10 minutes of shedding/brushing, blow dry and ear cleaning, if necessary.

Dog Size Price
Itty Bitty or a Kitty (up to 10”)$30
Small (11”-15”)$35
Medium (16”-20”)$40
Large (21”-30”)$45
Extra Large ( 31”+)$50
Long coated dogs$5 Extra
Nail Dremmel$14
Dematting$5 & Up

Nail Trims

Through the many years of competing in dog shows, we have learned that the best way to care for a dog's nails is to grind or dremmel them down. Nails can be kept shorter and smoother in this manner, which makes it safer for them and you. We have had years of practice with dremmeling and will get your dogs nails shorter than anyone else without traumatizing your dog. Nail trims are well worth an extra $14 once or twice a month.

Happy Dogs and Happy Owners

At DogTown, we believe in creating joy for both dogs and their owners. Our comprehensive services, from engaging daycare to expert training, ensure your pet is both healthy and happy, strengthening the special bond you share with your furry family member.