About our Dog Boarding and Daycare

A training based daycare is a great opportunity for people that are too busy to give their dog as much attention and training as they would like! 

DogTown offers a stimulating, safe environment perfect for dogs of all ages, focusing on exercise, socialization, and reducing separation anxiety. With diverse play areas, including options for puppies and small dogs, and engaging toys, your dog can enjoy a day filled with activity and interaction. This not only helps channel their energy positively but also ensures a peaceful evening for both pets and parents.


Ensuring Quality Care and Content Companions

Dogs at DogTown are always supervised by trained staff, undergo an evaluation for daycare/boarding, and must attend monthly to avoid re-evaluation. Reservations are necessary, with no breed discrimination. However, the high stimulation of daycare isn't ideal for every dog, aiming to ensure you come home to a content, tired pet.

An application and evaluation are required prior to acceptance into Daycare. Certified Pet First Aid attendants are on duty at all times. Must be current on all vaccinations and a negative Giardia test. Dogs Daycare packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Single Dog

Visits Price
1 Half Day Visit (up to 5 Hours)$30
1 Full Day Visit$45
10 Half Day Visit$245 ($24.50 per day)
20 Half Day Visit$440 ($22 per day)
5 Full Visit Package$215 ($43 per day)
10 Full Visit Package$405 ($40.50 per day)
20 Full Visit Package$750 ($37.50 per day)
40 Full Visit Package$1375 ($34.38 per day)

2 Dogs

Visits Price
1 Half Day Visit (up to 5 Hours)$45
1 Full Day Visit$80
10 Half Day Visit$420 ($42 per day)
20 Half Day Visit$790 ($39.50 per day)
5 Full Visit Package$385 ($77 per day)
10 Full Visit Package$725 ($72.50 per day)
20 Full Visit Package$1365 ($68.25 per day)


Visits Price
Single Dog$60
Multiple Dogs same Home$55
Holiday Periods Additional$10 per day per dog
25% non-refundable deposit is due at time of reservation.
Dogtown PDX 324